By Frankie Piliere & Kiley McDaniel

We promised a chat last week, you submitted questions, and now we have to face the music.Clayton Kershaw

A big thanks to all the people who have linked to us and to the readers for coming by. The quick response to the site has been unexpected and also made us step up our game with the content. More new stuff will be coming this week.

A special thanks goes out to those who asked questions for the chat. And a big tisk-tisk to those of you who asked hard questions. Get with the program! Without further delay, the questions and the answers, after the jump…

(Clayton Kershaw photo credit: Jerry Hale, MLB.com)

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Pedro AlvarezBy Kiley McDaniel

Scott Boras is without a doubt the highest profile agent in sports history and many of his methods are heavily debated. A few teams deal with him with no fear, some allow him to out-leverage them, others just don’t deal with him at all. That being said, until recently, he seemed to always get his clients the best deal they could have gotten.

One tactic Boras utilizes for his top-shelf talents in the draft is float a seemingly ridiculous bonus demand early. We have the rumors of the early number Boras has put on two of his top clients for the June draft and a breakdown of said methods, all after the jump…

(Pedro Alvarez photo credit: Vanderbilt University)

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By Kiley McDaniel

As Frankie referenced earlier with his Chris Dominguez scouting report, not only can we not see every top prospect, but we obviously won’t see only top prospects. On any given field, there’s a bunch of guys that aren’t Rick Porcello. Extend that a bit, and even being in a hotbed for baseball like Tampa, you’re going to get a lot of games without an elite talent, but usually with some notable guys involved.Bright House Network Stadium

The night after the Porcello game for the Florida State League/minor league opener, I went to Clearwater to partake in the finest ballpark experience in the state (no joke) to see the Clearwater Threshers (Phillies) host the Dunedin Blue Jays (Toronto). Best of all, this game wasn’t the experience I talked about in the first paragraph—there was still some sweet prospectyness.

Inside: Travis Snider, Adrian Cardenas, J.P. Arencibia, and another prospect the Yankees traded with nary a thought, all after the jump…

(Bright House Field photo credit: Baseball Pilgrimages)

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By Frankie Piliere

Ah, yes, the question that just about every Yankee fan would like an answer to. There’s probably a lot wrong with the Japanese southpaw that the Yankees wish they could fix. But, there are also other things that seem to be more obvious, at least to me, that appear to be more correctable. All players, though, cannot correct all their flaws, and hence, that is where players are weeded out. So, whether Igawa can sort out his problems remains to be seen, but issues there are a plenty.

I went to see the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees opener on Thursday specifically to examine Igawa up close and personal to see what I could discover about “what is wrong with him.” Of course, he didn’t make it easy on me by proceeding to toss six perfect innings against Lehigh Valley before being subsequently being lifted in favor of Scott Patterson. So, yes, the task I had laid out was to break down what is wrong with a pitcher who had just steamrolled through six frames with 7 strikeouts and no walks. Most would be deterred, but not me. Find out more after the jump…

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Rick PorcelloBy Kiley McDaniel

I was able to make it out to see arguably the top pitching prospect in baseball last night on minor league opening day. The Lakeland Flying Tigers (why they’re flying, nobody knows) opened their Florida State League season versus the Tampa Yankees at Legends Field and I was able to get a good look at RHP Rick Porcello.

Porcello was considered the top prep arm in the 2007 Draft and the best prep arm since Josh Beckett–and he was paid as such, receiving a $7 million dollar big league deal with a $3.5 million bonus. Since he signed, the buzz has been significant, with every writer you can imagine fawning over the early returns and putting him in the top 10-15 prospects in baseball despite not throwing a pitch. Last night, he threw his first pitches and Saber-Scouting was there.

(Rick Porcello photo credit: Rich Morris of Seton Hall Prep)

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A couple notes from last night’s game before I post the Porcello scouting report in a few minutes…

Inside: what really happened with Mark Melancon last night, how each pitcher looked, and a few interesting Tiger relievers, after the jump…

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harold-martinez-batting-picture.jpgBy Kiley McDaniel

Harold Martinez of Miami’s Braddock High School was the first prospect I saw at the Sarasota Classic and you can find my preliminary thoughts here. His stock is slipping from being in the top 5 among high school players before the season and now he is more of a projection 3B prospect lacking some polish.

Find out the whole story with a full scouting report and video after the jump…

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